The Blissful Life

Who doesn’t want to live happily all the time? We all want happiness in life. Our search for happiness starts with finding a good day-carecenter and goes on with finding a good school, a good college, a good job, a good life partner, good kids, good savings, good health, and so on. But are we all living happily throughout? Although we all aim for sustained happiness in our life, the recipe for it seems to be unknown to many. Happiness is only a short-lived visitor and for most of our life, we are ridden with unhappiness, displeasure, stress, anxiety, desperation for relief, etc.

The Blissful Life is a treasure of fascinating facts and hacks of life that helps to enjoy sustained happiness throughout life regardless of whether the incidents happening around us are in our favor or not.

Finding sustained happiness lies in the right understanding of

Who you are

The ambiance surrounding us (the Universe)

How to interact with the Universe (mindsets and behaviour).

The book presents these primary aspects busting several myths and shedding light on hidden truths of life. Most of us think we are our physical body but we are beyond our physical, energy, and mental bodies. We take the impermanent Universe as permanent and hope to live here forever in the same physical body. This ignorance is the cause of the grief of death.

In addition, one should know the goal of life to stay focused and avoid unneeded distractions to sustain happiness. Answers to a few questions like,

what is that we are supposed to aim for in order to reach the goal of life?
where did we come from?
where are we heading to?
what is the purpose of life?

give a lot of clarity and peace to life. Goal-oriented life enhances the bliss. Life after death is a mystery to many.
This book presents facts about how to live better from birth to death and also fills the gap between death and the next birth by casting light on life after death. Heaven and hell are believed as places by many. Also, many believe that going to heaven is the ultimate goal of life. But do you know that we lived and died countless times as inanimate objects and animate objects before taking human life? We probably experienced heaven or hell innumerable times after the death of our physical body. Very many such intriguing facts shared in this book bring sanity to life by reducing the feverishness about death and letting us live peacefully finding bliss.

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