Dr. Meher Isaa Balagopala

was born into a middle-class family that was spiritually inclined and dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba. His father Bhaskara Raju was a great artist who ardently practiced the fine arts of painting, classical dance, music, and literature. His mother Govindamma was housewife. Both of his parents had personal contact with Avatar Meher Baba.

MeherIsaa was exposed to various spiritual truths of life through the sayings of Avatar Meher Baba from his childhood.

Chapters we've covered

Part 1 - The Right Mindset Chapter 1 - Fact And Faith

Part 2 - You Chapter 2 - The Vehicles Of Life
Chapter 3 - Functioning Of The Vehicles Of Life
Chapter 4 - The Rider Of The Vehicles Of Life

Part 3 - The Universe Chapter 5 - The Nature Of The Universe Chapter 6 - The Purpose Of The Universe
Chapter 7- The Cause And Effects

Part 4 - The Journey Chapter 8 - The Journey Of Life Chapter 9 - The Purpose Of Life
Chapter 10 - The Spiritual Outlook Of Life
Chapter 11- Love

Part 5 - The Blissful Life Chapter 12 - The Circle Of Life
Chapter 13 - Health
Chapter 14 - Wealth
Chapter 15 - Environment
Chapter 16 - Success

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